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How Can I Export The Moon Calendar To My Personal Calendar?

 The Astrology Moon Calendar has fantastic features that make it an excellent tool for scheduling or planning events. And yes, you can export it to your phone or desktop calendar as an ICS File.  

It means that as well as having the Moon Calendar accessible on Mystic Medusa Astrology, you'll see the Moon Calendar on your own personal calendar/organizer alongside your
appointments and current goals. 

The export is a Mega Mystic member-only feature so you won't see the Export button unless you are logged in. Additionally, while the Moon Calendar goes ahead for decades, the ICS export is limited to the current month.* 

Simply click the Export button at the bottom left of the Calendar and the current month will sync to whatever calendar you have on that device or computer.  


*There are three reasons for this:

(1) There is a lot of data in the Moon Calendar - planets, retrogrades, optimal dates for various ventures, and so on. We are developing a product option where, for a small amount of money, you will be able to select which transits and aspects you want to export and the time duration.

(2) Exporting in bulk puts an unacceptable load on the site and, if your internet connection is not brilliant, it could time out, creating confusion.