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How Do The Oracles Work?

 There are two Oracles at Mystic Medusa Astrology, and access to both is included with the Mega Mystic Memberships. You can consult them as often as you like. They work, like all divination, through synchronicity, the nexus of your subconscious mind with Quantum Matter. 

Oracle 1 is a strange miracle. Though it's intended to be upbeat and fun, the answers are often bizarrely apt. You select a question from an array of (currently) 15, click the "ask" button, and wait for the answer to appear. It's like a cross between the I-Ching and if you contacted Helen Gurley-Brown at a seance. 

The Oracle 1 questions are as follows: 

What Should I Do Next?  

What Was The Meaning Of My Attraction Scenario With X? 

Dating Drought: Why No Action? 

What Is Holding Me Back Right Now?  

Does My Ex-Partner Still Think Of Me?  

What Should My Strategy Be With X? 

Which Aspect Of My Astrology Chart Should I Be Looking Into Right Now? 

How Will My Next Encounter With X Go?  

What Was My Past Life Involvement With X?  

Is There Any Romantic Potential For Me With X? 

What House Witchery Cure Is Lucky For Me Right Now?  

Why Hasn't X Contacted Me?  

What Is My Best Business/Career Strategy Right Now?  

Is X Thinking Of Me At The Moment?  


Oracle 2 has a more intuitive style and is also super-easy to use on a phone. Select from Love, Money, or Psyche, focus on your topic of interest, and select one of the cool magic symbols. It's not as directional as Oracle 1 but eerily seems always to make brilliant sense a few days later. It's also visually cool and sparks your mind to go on a productive tangent.