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Why Can't I Log In?

 We're always happy to help with any log-in problems. But first, consider the following: are you using the correct username (the one you selected or your email) and password? If it says "log-in failed" it means either the user name or the password is incorrect. You can click 'lost password' if you have lost your original one. 

If you have logged in but cannot access the Horoscopes, Oracle, etc., it could be that your membership is expired? If that is the case, it will say so on your Member Dashboard

Finally, a cache-clear and refreshing the page will fix any issue where it seems as if you're in a loop. That's because many browsers (and ISPs) cache pages to speed load time. So, they sometimes try to load a previous password entry and other annoying 'helpful' actions.  

As always, if you require further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support agent.