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How Is My Personal Data Used & Protected?

 The Personal Daily Horoscopes and the Instant Astrology Reports are calculated from your unique birth details for maximum accuracy and relevance. That is, the town or city of your birth, the date, and - if available - the time. Some data that you
will also have to enter when purchasing products include billing addresses and payment details.  

This is deeply personal and important information. Mystic and her close team of developers and customer support reps understand and respect this. We do not view birth data you enter unless you request it. For example, you inadvertently input incorrect data for a transit report and would like us to edit it. 

Your payment method details are also kept hidden from Mystic and her team, PayPal payments simply show up as "paid via PayPal" along with a PayPal Order ID, and credit card payments are done
through Stripe, and show up simply as "paid via Credit Card". 

None of your information - personal, astrological, or financial, is stored in the Cloud. No financial information is held on the site and of course, the site is SSL compliant, ensuring complete privacy.  

Not running advertisements on the site is a huge advantage as Mystic doesn't have any ad
networks gathering your data, nor will Mystic ever sell your data to third parties. 

Mystic has server-level best practice implementations and a complex web application
firewall that monitors and intercepts any potential threat to the site. This is why, for example, you will be blocked from the site if you are using a VPN.
Additionally, we run daily scans. 

If you'd like to learn more about how we collect and handle your personal information, please
see our Privacy Policy.