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What Is Included In The Mega Mystic Membership?

 The Mega Mystic Membership gives you access to all members-only astrology features, with content updated daily. You can join for as little as a month or up to four years. The memberships are not auto-renewing, so you are not locked into anything. However, longer memberships are of better value. 

What’s included in your membership: 

Daily individualised horoscopes based on your sun, moon, rising sign, and more.  

This gives you concise information on the most important astrology transits based on your natal chart. Your natal chart shows where the planets, asteroids, and stars were in the sky at the moment you were born, which influence your personality and self-expression. Different transits will influence you in specific ways depending on how they interact with your natal chart. These horoscopes list the most important ones you need to know for the day.  

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly horoscopes for your sun and rising signs. 

These horoscopes are more generalised and are applicable to everyone who falls under the same sun or rising sign. They give a succinct description of the most pertinent astrological influence of the day, week, or month. Keep in mind they are based on the influence of the transiting planets on a solar chart rather than a natal birth chart.  


The Daily Mystic Email sent Monday-Friday  

This members-only intel-drop gives you the essential intelligence on the day based on the astrological transits. It’s the best way to stay informed on the daily astrology weather and the general energy of the day - great for super busy people as it comes directly to your email inbox. 

Instant Online Tarot Readings  

Gain clarity and inspiration via The Powers of
Astral Synchronicity when you virtually pull an instant 12 card spread or choose a single card. You will get an accurate reading and short-description for each tarot card pulled. Each reading can be downloaded as a PDF you can refer back to later. �


The Oracle 

The Oracle will give you quick answers to your love, career, and psyche questions, with the click of a button or by intuitively choosing your lucky symbol.   



 The Daily Mystic Archives  

Mystic has written hundreds of members-only exclusive astrology content that goes deep into specific topics and areas. You get access to all previously written content as well as everything to come, including astrology explainers, Mystic’s personal recommendations, and more.  

Moon Calendar  

This shows the exact times for Void Moons, New Moons, Full Moons, Planetary changes, and Retrogrades over the upcoming month. It also features good/bad days for making love, making money, starting disputes, and pulling off moves that require an element of luck. It also includes the most potent days/times for healing and developing your psychic powers. With a membership, you can export and download it all to your personal calendar. 

Discounts and Membership Perks 

With a Mega Mystic Membership, you get discounts on Astrology Reports, audio recordings, and more. You also get access to the archives or previous content. Plus, your money is also supporting Pluto the racehorse, a rescued mare, and former racehorse.