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I Am A Mega Mystic Member But Not Receiving the Daily Mystic Email – How Do I Fix This?

Firstly, check your junk and spam filters. It is surprisingly easy to unsubscribe in error. Hotmail, for example, is notorious for unsubscribing people without them necessarily knowing it. Some mailing services also block addresses they deem as spam - so add [email protected] to your 'Allowed' or 'Trusted' email addresses!

If you want to change the address your Daily Mystic email is going to, you can do it via your Membership Dashboard. If you alter it there, it syncs in the next 24 hours.

Another, more rare reason, that you may not be getting it is that you made a typo when purchasing your membership. For example, "Gmaul" not "Gmail" and ".con" rather than ".com" are actually quite common. That means the Daily Mystic to you will bounce. We try to pick up on such apparent errors but sometimes they slip through.

If you have considered these factors and still are not receiving the Daily Mystics, please get in touch with our friendly customer support agent and she will help you out!