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Why Are There Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes?

 The Horoscopes vary in theme and context. And it’s not like Mega Mystic members are the type of people who need astrology to tell them how to live their lives. They’re reading them for extra zing, for cosmic insider info and to give them an edge. 

The Personalised Horoscopes are individualised, based on your Horoscope Profile which takes into account not only your sun sign, but your rising, moon, and more. The general Daily Horoscope is categorised by zodiac sign and provides more of a snapshot of today's vibe for that single sign. (You can read for your Sun & Rising sign)

The Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes are categorised by zodiac sign, and they tend to have a larger scope. Sometimes they will ask that you ponder a particular phase from years ago because it was the start of something that is coming to prominence now. Or perhaps because the same crazy phase that occurred years ago is about to repeat itself, astrologically speaking.