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What Timezone Are The Horoscopes For?

 They are written to be relevant for any time zone on Gaia aka Earth, so if it is your Tuesday, then read for Tuesday! How is this possible? Astrological influences are felt most strongly in their lead-up. That is, if a Venus-Saturn conjunction is exact on Saturday night in Tahiti, which makes it exact on Saturday early morning in New York, it’s nonetheless most potent on the Wednesday to Friday leading up to that. And, in the case of our example, it would be most felt by Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn – as the planets in question rule them.

There are many other factors. If an astrological alignment is time-specific, it is always referred to as such. For example, an especially useful Moon phase is mentioned as such, and you can swiftly check the Moon Calendar to get the exact date it begins in your time zone. The Daily Mystics are broad-ranging enough to be read whenever you get them. Remember, astrology is – in many ways – irrelevant to calendar dates.