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Why Is Power Moons Showing Two Full Moons In The Same House?

Power Moons is an Astrology Report that shows a year's worth of New Moons and Full Moons applied to your personal birth chart. The idea is that you work with these potent lunar moments for maximal results in your life. 

Each New or Full Moon is defined by the house it falls in. For example, a New Moon in your 5th House has a very different potential success zone to one in your 2nd House. Sometimes you will see consecutive New Moons or Full Moons in the same House or chart sector. This occurs because the astrological houses do not neatly begin at Zero degrees of a sign. 

Either of these scenarios means that you sometimes have a New or Full Moon in a certain house twice in a row. So double the focus = twice the potential rad results! However, if you really think there has been an error in how your Power Moons report has been calculated, please contact support here, and our customer support agent Geo Gemini will look into it!