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I Think My Report May Be Incorrect - Can I Get It Checked?

 Mystic uses a variety of techniques in the Horoscope but one of them is to use the Sun Sign as if it were the Rising Sign. It is called a Solar Chart and it is a great way to work if you don't know someone's individual details.  

For example; the Aquarius Horoscope may refer to "the fourth house" but if you were an Aquarius with Gemini Rising, it would not be your fourth house. So that's why it is (1) good to read your rising sign as well as the Sun Sign in the horoscopes and (2) why your birth chart or a transit report will probably have a different house to the one mentioned in the Horoscopes.  

Having said that, if you think there is an error, please check the birth details you entered when you ordered your report (it is on the first page). If the birth data is incorrect, we cannot offer a refund as the Checkout process requires you to verify that you have entered your details correctly. 

Or if you think there is a calculation error and it is not the correct delineation for you, click here to contact Support and we will look into it & get back to you promptly.